Sugar Nicole uses her authority as a night guard to molest and degrade a tiny female exec--until she begs for it! See Sugar pack her huge black cock into her white maid's tiny vagina--it's hard to get good help these days without screwing them! As a bonus: Swingers Go Wrong! Big, normal guys try a walk on the wild side at the forceful hand of a femme-libber turned dominant!

cover cover cover cover Dressingx250 cover cover
We're not sure what is hotter: Chocolate, huge-cocked, she-beauty Lisa, or the shirt-and-tie-wearing, shaved head muscle stud that degrades him self like a pig grooving on Lisa's giant cock. God we love our jobs here. And obviously Lisa and her stud loved shooting this and the other stuff we've piled on this special DVD homage to a very special She-Male.

"Gee, Ma'am, will it hurt much?" Young straight guys experiment with She-Males for their first time ass-fuckings. Watch them squirm and moan taking inch after inch of She-Meat up their virgin rectums. Watch as She-Male cocks sprays big loads on their upturned faces and in their gaping mouths. Who could settle for regular girls after this? Kimberly Devine, Christy McNicole, Stonie (pre-trans).
Giant-Cocked She-Males With Big Tits!
Let’s cut to the chase. What do we all want? Beautiful women with giant, balloon-sized tits—real mouth-watering melons. And what could make us even happier? A thick, spurting cock a couple of feet south of those jutting orbs. Imaging being able to have your face stuffed full of chunky she-cock while your hands are struggling to encompass the firm fun-bags above. She rams your married, straight-guy ass full of dick while you slobber and moan with a mouth full of she-male tit flesh. Got the picture?
Ultimate Skin on Skin
Once in a great while there is the opportunity to document an erotic coupling
that so far exceeds the norm that it becomes a hallowed event. Holly Sweet and Damien shock us with the uninhibited intimacy of their unexpected, random encounter. A display of intense lust and hunger between two perfect sexual specimens (Holly’s 48 EEE tits and Damien’s 11 inches of thick cock will astound you), there are no boundaries, and no barriers between their enormous cocks and sweet tight places of privacy. Directed by Sheba.

Revenge of the Cougar
The little lady is powerful and carries a big stick. And a paddle. And a bullwhip. Borderline criminal stud types are savagely brought down a peg to become the scared little boys they really are by the stunningly foxy Viper. She toys with the boys until they are squirming with horniness. Then, when they are a vunerable and willing, she makes them take the brunt of her rage. It's amazing how much pain a guy will endure to be able to touch a pair of tits like hers—even for only a second!

Ultimate She-Male #6 Holly
The most outrageously beautiful and sex crazy She-Male to hit the screen since the magnificent Sulka. Holly is the ultimate fantasy: blonde, blue-eyed, with a giant rock-hard cock and the hugest tits in the world. Plus—she likes it all: she fucks guys in the ass like a she-beast, she takes it up her smooth white bubble butt like a whore, she guzzles cum straight from the spout and she loves to force feed her meat to straight men until they gag and the jizz squirts out their ears. Kim Christy presents the Ultimate She-Male Holly, in scene after scene of lurid bare-cock frenzy. She loves to fuck that raw she cock up straight guys assholes bareback, and they can’t get enough of that she-cream squirting in their asses and on their surprised faces.
While the wife’s away, the hubby will play—with She-Males! Little Mr. Adulterer thinks he’s pulling a fast one. Little does he know what Holly and Vickie have in store for him. His mouth is used as a cunt and his ass is used as a pussy. He’s strung up in a sling and these ultra vixens have a gang bang at both ends completely bareback! Tthe “ladies” snap on some rubber gloves and play a penetrating game of “doctor” on his man hole until he is begging for mercy. He is smothered in Holly’s giant beautiful breasts—you have to see these tits to believe them! We wonder how he’ll explain that funny walk to his wife when she gets home!
cover cover cover cover cover cover cover

CHRISTY’S ANGELS 2 Cassandra, Morrelle, Iris & Ava have been assigned to use their secret weapons of She-Male destruction to enter your private sector. Kim Christy has assembled this team of crack specialists to invade your borders and seize your prime target. Ultra-feminine wiles, combined with big, spurting she-cock never fails to bring the enemy to its knees. Watch these amazing She-creatures glory in the sheer sensuality of having two sexes at once.

CHRISTY’S ANGELS: Coco, Julie, Stef, and Angel have been sent on a secret mission by the undisputed ladyboss of the She-Males: Kim Christy. Watch as each one of these sultry agents strips, seduces, and shows off their secret weapons: big thick she-cocks. From Stef’s giant and perfectly formed wonder-tits to Julie’s soft and natural she-titties, each girl fondles and stimulates their breasts and nipples into a self-induced frenzy that can only be calmed by some serious dildo action and finger-to-she-pussy fun. By this time it’s too late to hold it back—take cover, ‘cause big streamers of she-jizz are gonna rain down on us all.

Ultimate She-Male #4: Kimberley
Flashing dark eyes, and long raven hair. Huge firm breasts and a thick pulsing cock. Globe-shaped butt-cheeks that can only be because she has the best parts of both sexes. Kimberley will invade your senses and your most private parts. See Kimberley take Stonie’s straight-boy ass and pound him so good that he’s useless for other women. Kimberly’s thick she-cock turned Stonie into a hopeless butt-slut for life. Are you ready to let her slip that big thing up your straight-boy butthole? Are you ready to be a pussy boy for beautiful She-Males? Extra bonus material not on the video version!
Red-hot Annie Sprinkle turns the horny flirtatious crowd at the She-Male bar into a full on cock-sucking, ass-fucking orgy. It was bound to happen when legendary sex-star and performance artist Annie Sprinkle was turned loose on a bunch of horny guys and hungry She-Males. Annie brings out the slut in any man, woman, or in between! Man on woman, woman on woman, and She-Males on everything! So belly up to the bar, drop your pants and get some grade A She-Male cocksucker to drink her cocktail. The drinks may be expensive but the ass is free! Don’t miss the after hours private party for some kink you won’t believe. Check your inhibitions at the door.

Nothing says slutty like a Latina She-Male, right? Even within the super-charged sexual world of the transgendered, these little chili peppers stand out as the most willing and aggressive fireballs you are likely to encounter. Kim Christy brings you delicious spicy action with little nympho Latinas acting out all their most whorish desires to make you happy.

CHRISTY'S ANGELS 3: Super-beautiful Christy McNicole with her giant curving boomerang of a cock joins Kim Christy’s stable of She-Male superstars in a mind-bending exploration of male and female sexuality packed into one horny package. Baby Brooke, Heather, and Dawn blow our minds with their huge she-cocks.  

Dana Douglas: Ultimate She-Male No. 5
Like Chanel’s cologne of the same name, No. 5, Dana is elegant, seductive, and one of the most beautiful women in the world. But she has something extra that makes her more sought after, more desired than any other beauty. She has a thick, spurting she-cock that drives men wild. Men love Dana because they can take her out and show her off in the finest clubs in the world, all the while thinking about the special rigid treat underneath her designer dresses and expensive lingerie. Drinks, dinner, dancing, then back to the luxury suite for some ass fucking--HIS ass! Imagine getting your face plowed by her caramel stalk while you fondle her perfect firm tits above your head. She wraps her long legs over your shoulders as she starts squirting her she-load down your throat...
cover Cover Cover cover cover cover cover
LADYBOY FUN GIRLS These scintillating ladyboy creatures were breed and raised to give sexual pleasure. There is no desire too base, no command to humiliating for these special agents of transsexualism. Always happy, always smiling, always ready to gobble up hard American cock, and stuff their tiny holes with thick penis meat. But that’s not all. You want to suck some thick she-stalk? These ladyboys want to hump your mouth and blow a big load of she-jism on your face. Kinda perfect, huh? On DVD NOW ON DVD!
"Gee, Ma'am, will it hurt much?"
Young straight guys experiment with She-Males for their first time ass-fuckings. Watch them squirm and moan taking inch after inch of She-Meat up their virgin rectums. And watch their surprise as She-Male cock sprays big loads on their upturned faces and in their gaping mouths. Who could settle for regular girls after this?
"You’re a natural born cocksucker, baby. Open up your throat.”
Young straight guys experiment with She-Males for their first time ass-fuckings. Watch them squirm and moan taking inch after inch of She-Meat up their virgin rectums. And watch their surprise as She-Male cock sprays big loads on their upturned faces and in their gaping mouths. Who could settle for regular girls after this?
She-Male Bareback Sandwich
When Christian hooked up with Holly and Vickie, he smugly assumed that his job was to be the big cocksmith plugging the two she-bitch’s ass-pussies. Maybe he’d blow a load on their pretty little faces. Little did he dream that he would end up being banged in his man cunt and his face hole at the same time by these two powerful sex goddesses. Christian gets so turned on by getting stuffed with two she-cocks at the same time that he wants it totally raw—no condoms—so the girls oblige by stuffing him full of raw she-meat. The girls take a turn riding his bare cock too and the look of ecstacy as he guzzles down Holly’s giant squirts of she-sperm says it all. Three gorgeous little bareback piggies in a big cum pile with smiles on their faces
Starring Christy McNicole, Ashanti, and Fabian
These chaotic sex-freaks turn the male-dominated corporate world ass-up, for the big she-cock fucking it deserves. Open up for a big She-Male work load.

What if your girlfriend wanted to fuck your straightboy ass? Young straight guys experiment with She-Males for their first time ass-fuckings. Watch them squirm and moan taking inch after inch of She-Meat up their virgin rectums. And watch their surprise as She-Male cock sprays big loads on their upturned faces and in their gaping mouths. Who could settle for regular girls after this? Starring the newcomer sensation Wendy Williams and the super-hung Christy McNicole. ON DVD

Desperate Lady Boys
Okay, these little beauties just want to make you happy. They’re desperate for it. So if it means licking some guy’s nuts and cream, getting their delicate little b-holes plugged with gnarly cock, or wearing really freaky costumes and nasty lady-things, then cool! One lady boy here wears a pretty little wedding dress so you can puncture her ‘virginity’ over and over again, giving her the kind of degrading sexual experience you were too scared to give your own wife. It’s cool! She loves it. She and her ladyboy buddies dig taking on sexfreaks like you. No request to bizarre, nothing too humiliating. They are desperate to see big American hunks like you get so horned up that you lose all your inhibitions and have the kind of really dirty sex you’ve always wanted to. It’s their specialty. So when you want to have your cock worshiped like a mini-god, or you want to fuck some ladyboy pussy that’s so tight it squeaks, come to the desperate lady boys for a sexual experience you’ll never forget.
cover cover cover cover She-Male Sperm Whores #1 cover cover
These fully spermatic She-Male beauties are highly sought by cum-guzzling freaks! See David Ashfield stuff his bareback cock up Dana Douglas’s million-dollar butt-cunt. See condomless Carnal Candy spray her seed in a happy married couples many holes. See big, black Summer St. Cerely fuck the straight boy’s mouth while his girlfriend watches. Get a mop!—The she-cum is ankle deep in here! SPERM WHORES #6
Pretty little girly-boys know two words in English: Suck & Fuck...
Kim Christy’s international staff has sent us another recording of their decadent exploits in the Asian continents in search of the tightest little boy-pussy and the sweetest little bow-shaped suck holes to plunder. Langauge is no barrier in the underworld of submissive lady-boys. These “girls” just want to make you happy. Go ahead—have some, they live to satisfy your most perverse and bizarre needs.
Marines, biker chicks, and sissy boys all fall under Morelle's spell in this 2 hour fest of historic footage. Plus: Exclusive She-Male
photo gallery
Bubbly, bouncey, sweet. And yet like a tornado of sexual energy. Morelle De Keigh has and insatiable appetite to feed her perverse sexual needs and we’re only to happy to document it. This two-hour show fills you in on all the cock-sucking, ass-fucking adventures of a little she-slut like Morelle. Her big bubbly tits and her aching ass-cunt need constant attention. Not to mention her hard, dripping she-cock!.

Big studs are turned into whimpering little boys by these ultra-bitches. Paddles, hairbrushes, and whips are used on theses guys’ bare butts by nurses, female executives, and dominant witches. Feel the terror of a woman’s hand as she lowers your briefs...

Imagine the degradation of being forced to submit to sucking off a giant black cock. On the other end of that cock is a beautiful woman, looking down at you with jet black eyes of imperious cruelty. Imagine a Cleopatra-like nubile goddess with an ass of plush maple-colored perfection begging you to make her feel like a real woman. Imagine four hours of intense black on white she-male action and you'll have it all here in this Kim Christy DVD with special She-Male Gallery extras.

Kim Christy’s Australian superstar Christy McNicole deep-dicks butch-but-curious dudes at the annual Fetish Ball. Big tits, big cocks, and a parade of sexy super-freaks. ! ON DVD

This young office clerk looks for all the world to be a slight and shy young man, ignorant of the lusty side of life. Watch him transform from drab office worker to ultra-sexy vixen. Then watch him ply his talents on horny, big-cocked Ted Cox. Our boy slut teases Ted until Ted can’t take any more and rams his 8-inch stalk past the pretty painted lips and down the little whore’s throat. Our mild-mannered young man turned nympho rides Ted thick one like a pro until Ted squirts out a huge messy load all over his panties, garter belt and girlie-boy cock. Then Morelle DeKeigh takes her stud Marine boyfriend and transforms him into her parlor maid and sex slave. Watch the straight boy groove on his first petticoat and get a surprise taste of his first cock. With Ted Cox and Morelle DeKeigh
She-Male Sperm Whores #2 Cover She-Male Sperm Whores #1 She-Male Sperm Whores #3 cover cover cover
From the sacred vaults of the Kim Christy film empire come 2 HOURS of sperm-drenched tales of She-Male love and lust!
Morelle DeKeigh, Annie Sprinkle, Carnal Candy, Summer St. Cerely, Magnificent Margo, Lisa, and more show what sperm-drinking, cum-shooting pigs they are in this pre-condom sperm-fest from the Mistress of Filth, Kim Christy. SPERM WHORES #2
She-Males force feed straight men their gushing mouthfuls of creamy goodness right from the spout!
Sulka, Suzanne, Dana Douglas, Summer St. Cerely, China, Margo, Stormy, Lisa Lawrence, and more squirt jizzy ropes of sperm across the handsome faces and asses of he-men and pretty girls in this pre-condom classic from the Mistress of Filth, Kim Christy SPERM WHORES #5
120 minutes of Spurting, Shooting, Splashing, She-Sperm!
Dana Douglas, Serena Saunders, Sugar Nicole, Elaine, China Kitty, Summer St. Cerely, Sulka, David Ashfield, and more show what sperm-drinking, cum-shooting pigs they are in this pre-condom sperm-fest from the Mistress of Filth, Kim Christy. SPERM WHORES #1
Feel the searing shame of She-Sperm as it squirts in your open mouth and asshole!
Summer St. Cerely, Rita Ricardo, Consuela Del Rio, 11 and one-half-inches of Sylvia, Luscious Lynn, Carnal Candy, Elaine, and more show what sperm-drinking, cum-shooting pigs they are in this pre-condom sperm-fest from the Mistress of Filth, Kim Christy SPERM WHORES #3
Transformed and “maid” to serve his mistresses
Carnal Candy and Morelle DeKeigh head up this stellar cast of Kim Christy-trained bitches with dicks to make sure the help passes the muster. Making this he-male dress up in pretty little frilly things and suck cock is just the beginning of his training in She-Male servitude. Eating she-cum and getting ass-poked with a She-Male dildo makes this guy shiver with humiliation. Plus, the house is sparkling clean! ON DVD 
Grown women get treated like bad little girls in this exposé of caning, spanking, and paddling punishment. Jiggling, blistered bottoms blush with shame and delight under the severe hands of masterful men and determined female punishers.  Sissy Bitch • With Morelle DeKeigh, Viper, & Porche Lynn. Normal guys, guys who dig fuckin’ chicks, are sissified and made to be panty-slaves for dominant women and beautiful She-Males. Watch how turned on the all-American studs get as they are transformed and dressed in female finery, then treated like the little whores that they are. Relieved of the duties of aggressive men, these newly formed he-sluts lick and worship the outrageously buxom Viper, the cruelly beautiful Porche Lynn, and the hot and dangerous Morelle DeKeigh. Warning: This show contains forced ass-eating, petticoat training, and ultra-feminization of normal men. You may feel the urge to get pretty and be ravaged while viewing.
Cover Cover Cover Ultimate She-Male #2 Christy Ultimate She-Male #4 Kimberley She-Male Sperm Whores #4 cover
Who let the She-Males out?
When stunning newcomer Nikki Duval wins the centerfold contest it sets off a vicious round of shemale and female cat fighting where sex is the ultimate weapon. These shemale centerfolds subdue the competion with their big, full breasts and thick she-cocks. Sexual revenge and retribution shake the foundation of the publishing world as these she-devils create sexual havoc and moral chaos. 
The "girls" are back at school and prostitutes no more!
Christy McNicole, Kimberley Devine and Sharon Kane star. These She-Male coeds have trouble with bulging panties at the sight of all the luscious jocks and pert cheerleaders that they encounter on campus. Permissive Dorm mother Sharon Kane gets the action going and soon it's an all-school gang bang!
Horse-hung Christy McNicole’s sexual exploits turn the men and women who patronize her cabaret-cum-sex parlor upside down.

Straight men are shocked to find themselves getting their asses plugged by her long thick cock. Mild -mannered women are transformed into nymphomaniacal sex goddesses willing to participate in the most bizarre sex scenes and loving every minute.
With: Sharon Kane, Drew Andrews, Derek Bishop, and Nick Random
She’s the She-Male John Holmes. See Christy use her big thing on guys, girls— in twosomes, threesomes— they love every inch of her huge creaming, working tool. The fetish and the fanatsy of the world’s foremost transsexual superstar. SPECIAL: ORDER THIS ON DVD!
Normal men kneel before this big-dicked, white She-Male goddess and beg to suck her thick cock and spread their buttcheeks for her fucking pleasure!
Kimberly Devine, the white She-Male goddess, turns normal men into willing she-cock slaves and butt-hole pig bottoms. She’s both an innocent, sweet girl and a she-demon capable of bending unsuspecting boys to her will.
She-cum squirts on the faces of lovely young ladies’ mouths, cunts, and assholes!
Jennifer Thomas, Miss Sharon Mitchell, Juicy Jennifer, Consuelo Del Rio, Summer St. Cerely, Alexandrea, Annie Sprinkle, and more show what sperm-drinking, cum-shooting pigs they are in this pre-condom sperm-fest from the Mistress of Filth, Kim Christy. SPERM WHORES #4
ULTRA LADYBOY SEX TOYS: ASIAN SEX DOLLS ARE BUILT FOR YOUR PLEASURE! Exquisite, delicate beauties with ivory skin and thick, lustrous hair. Elegant courtesans learned in ancient secrets of sexual pleasure. Slutty She-Devils with melon-sized tits and thick, cum-spurting cocks! All these pleasures and more await you in the UltraLadyBoy FuckToy treasure chest. All their lives these pert Asian goddesses have been raised to do just one thing: make you sexually ecstatic. It’s what they live for. And some shopping once and a while. But mostly it’s the opening of their tiny little slit butt holes to your plundering man cock. They turn their faces up, smiling to the streamers of white hot cum you shoot all over their lips, eyes, noses, and happy grins. 
Cover She-Male Sperm Whores #1 cover cover Cover cover cover
Slant-eyed sex sluts for your pleasure
Exquisite creatures who are raised from birth to be sexual playthings of rich and powerful men from around the world. Sample the exotic and perverse pleasures that these silky sex-kittens willingly provide.
Make them do anything you like. It's why they were born.
If you like drop-dead Asian she-males built like brick shit houses then this film is for you. The stuff on this tape is unimaginably erotic. Doll-faced, raven-haired, androgynous, transgendered vixens engage in all sorts of ultra-kinky sex with our pleasantly bewildered male lead. watch them suck his cock and then watch him return the favor. then there’s the butt-fucking! just cast your eyes on these slim Asian ladyboy bodies with their sweet swollen pink nipples and their meaty, uncut cocks. LADYBOYS
Kim Christy cohort and ladyboy connoisseur Angel Mercurio takes us along on a wild ride through the exotic and depraved salons of the orient to bring back these fantastic souvenirs of She-Male excess. See tiny ladyboys with huge dongs as well as big-breasted She-Male sex goddesses who eat men alive.
Just when you think you have life licked—a wonderful home, a beautiful She-Male wife—you find out your wife’s a nympho! The little she-cocked woman of your dreams turns out to need more than just her husband’s thick one to make her happy. She fucks the poolboy, she fucks your male friends—hell, she even fucks your female friends—and drags you into it as well. Well, pal, what did you expect? She-Male sexuality is a powerful and uncontrollable force.
See the most beautiful man-made woman in the world in her first ever scenes as an 18-year-old she-male newcomer with a giant thick cock as she feeds it to her surferboy gardener. See the grown-up she-male vixen who engulfs Ron Jeremy’s giant pussy-stretcher in her man-made fuck hole. And vist with Sulka today in her Hollywood home as she reflects on her three-decade long career and tells the juicy stories from behind the scenes with Kim Christy.
The lines have totally blurred between straight and gay, man and woman, perverse and normal. Take a trip deep into the bizarre mind of Kim Christy—where no moral code exists and all flesh is for pleasure. See extremes of masculinity and femininity co-mingle and exchange power. Kim Christy knows that when you get horny enough, you’ll do anything. See women taking it in their cunts from giant-cocked she-male whores. See straight guys sucking their first She-cock. Beautiful power-hungry women transform weak sissy-boys into pretty little girls to dominate and humiliate. Every possible combination is explored in Kim Christy world of the damned.

The roar of the engines, the squeal of the tires and the blinding flash of headlights announce that the Biker Bitches are here! Watch Viper dominate and submit with her kinky She-Male biker gal pal. Viper’s body is outrageously perfect with some of the most awesomely shaped big, big tits you’ve ever seen. Seeing her squat down on that thick, bare She-cock (pre-condom, folks) will rock your world. Here are two totally sexual creatures who are so into each other that there are no boundaries— everything is up for grabs. These ladies dig each other, but they really get off on showing it all to you. It’s a kinky and exhibitionistic fuck scene.
cover cover cover cover Asian Amateur She-Male #3 cover cover
Pretty little dress-up dolls in frilly, girly clothes make like nympho sluts for any man that will take an interest. These are desperate little teases—boys who transformed themsleves into beautiful little whores. These boys go delirious when men show them attention. Perfectly submissive and totally grateful for any thing you give them. Go ahead, make the little sissy suck your cock. She’ll smile and giggle and take a big load on her face—anything to make you happy. Go ahead, plug her pert little-boy ass-cunt with your big American cock. It’s smooth and tight and young. Now go ahead and suck her surprisingly large boycock and let it spurt sweet fairy cream into your mouth.
Everybody loves a beautiful blonde She-Male, and Kim Christy has a stable of them. Whore-ish ones that do nasty stuff for no pay at all, good girls down on their luck that consented to let us film them, and amazing She-Males that pass everyday on the street, and nobody knows the size of those thick, juicy cocks and balls they are packing down there in lacy underthings. These “girls” take it up the ass because they have no pussies. They suck the loads out of normal men’s cocks because they need sperm to survive. And they turn regular straight guys into anal slaves with their ass-fucking techniques. Blondes rule, just ask Kim!
She-Male Sex Addicts
Everybody loves a beautiful blonde She-Male, and Kim Christy has a stable of them. Whore-ish ones that do nasty stuff for no pay at all, good girls down on their luck that consented to let us film them, and amazing She-Males that pass everyday on the street, and nobody knows the size of those thick, juicy cocks and balls they are packing down there in lacy underthings. These “girls” take it up the ass because they have no pussies. They suck the loads out of normal men’s cocks because they need sperm to survive. And they turn regular straight guys into anal slaves with their ass-fucking techniques. Blondes rule, just ask Kim!
Lisa digs seeing Nick’s big blue eyes and pale skin while he sucks her giant chocolate cock. Dawn needs her pale smooth white ass penetrated by the biggest black cock she can find. And boy does Mac have a giant black cock! Butch Mac likes to taste himself some pretty white she-meat and gobbles down Dawn’s alabaster rod. Nick’s cock is rock-hard like white marble when he thrusts it between Lisa’s smooth tawny ass cheeks. These sex freaks need to cross color lines to get off and they would like to keep it on the QT. So who you see here and and what you see them doing--better keep it under your hat, huh buddy? Maybe you’ll get a little too.
An exploration of the submissive and kinky side of Asia’s most beautiful and depraved she-boys!
Pretty, petite, and very, very slutty—these Asian sex-nymphs are built for your total pleasure. They will do the unthinkable to arouse a red-blooded man into heights of sexual dominance and depths of erotic degradation. From slender little bubble-breasted lady-boys, to buxom and scary dragon goddesses, they take you on the wildest tour of your life!
I Got Punked by a She-Male—All new POV Damion never dreamed when he picked up this giant-titted corn-fed farm girl in Sin City that he’d end up with his knees pinned behind his ears and a thick She-Male stalk ramming his muscular but t— BAREBACK! Damion catches it all for us on his handy video camera as he is initiated into sucking she-cock and samples the delights that only a She-Male can offer. Holly Sweet is the most outrageously equipped new She-Male star to hit the screen in years — beautiful creamy skin, a young and innocent pretty-girl face, and monster-truck sized tits and cock to make any guy flip for a hot fuck. Holly gives as good as she gets — you’ll dig seeing her pretty face looking up at Damion as she swallows his impossibly large cock like a pro. They take turns swapping cans and Damion’s camera catches every stroke of bareback cock as they switch off in an ass-plugging frenzy. SHE-MALE GOSSIP GIRL
Heather Fontaine knows all the dirt on a the "girls." And, boy, does she dish it up. Enter Heather's private world and listen to her tales of She-Male chicanery: Ladies with something extra who trick unsuspecting straight guys into the kind of sex they never dreamed of, innocent She-Male virgins being seduced by sophisticated men who totally dig the scene, and ladies who love ladies with big, thick cocks to fuck their pussies. With Serena Saunders and Sulka!
cover cover cover cover cover cover  
He thought he'd pull a fast one and pretended to be a girl for his big sister's boyfriend. Little did he guess that the boyfriend would want to molest him. A sexy struggle ensues while our little sissy boy tries to keep his virtue intact -- or at least a secret -- from those big wandering hands. ALSO: Don't confess to the brutal mistress you want to be dressed as a girl and smacked around some unless you are man enough to take it. Our big butch bad boy confesses his ultimate secret and the mistress takes him for the spin of his closeted life. to the point of utter degradation—sounds like fun, huh
Poor little she-slut wiggles and squirms and whimpers as her body is used as a total fuck hole by two super aggressive macho latinos with painfully big cocks. She may have gotten more than she bargained for from the look of pain on her face as her little ass slit gets power fucked. The guys are total sex pigs too, and in between taking turns using her butt hole and her face hole to jam their chunky cocks in and out of, the boys take turns sucking on her sweet little she cock and finger-banging her she-boy pussy. Al three of them cum to such and outrageous orgasm that she is slack-jawed in disbelief as she is hosed down by jet after jet of delicious dulce de leche. Like a total whore she revels in her sperm bath and the messy degradation of it all.
Man-Made Women
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